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We consist of a team of aquarium and fishing enthusiasts that strongly believe in this stuff and this is our lives and hobbies. Some of us are just average Joe blow enthusiasts while some of us are Marine biologists and higher with education devoted to this field. We are very strong valued team of people and we are trying to be a community and growing every single day. You are very specific community and find that if people enjoy what we have to say that more than likely you are an enthusiast too is well.

It’s not everyday you meet a fish enthusiast But it is very common to meet people that like to go fishing as a sport. We like to mix the two together to create a community where we can all hang out at. Though even though not every topic interests you you can at least find something that will intrigue your mind.

Let us know what you guys think of the community and how we can better assist you as an enthusiast. We really are just trying to make people happy and bring people together to share the same type of interest and things to say and talk about. We love meeting new people and talking about this type of thing and that’s basically the core reason as to why we actually do all of this.

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