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Where Can I Buy Pet Piranhas for Sale for my Home? How hard is a Setup

Question: I've always wanted to have pet piranhas since I was a little boy. It may sound dorky to a lot of you guys but I don't care. I need to know where to buy piranhas that I can keep as pets in a fish aquarium. Can someone help me out on where I can purchase some and maybe some details regarding how to care for them. How hard is this to do for a total beginner of the aquarium industry? I am a bit timid about it.. *Best Answer Reply from John Anthony: I Found this Helpful Article that Read more [...]

In Search: Snakehead Fish For Sale? Where to Buy

Topic: I have a large fish aquarium and am looking for Snakehead Fish for sale. Maybe the laws don't approve of this either.. I'm not sure what regulations are but I want to buy a snakehead fish for my aquarium. I've done my research and this fish is awesome. It's a pure predator and feeding it in my tank is what I want. I need to find them for sale. Someone help me out. *Awarded Answer Posted by Nathan P. You won't find any supplier selling the Snakehead fish because it's against the law in Read more [...]

Snakehead Fish Species: The Relentless Predator

The Snakehead Fish is a skinny but long abrasive predator. Just the physical sight of seeing it’s “snake like” features will make you cringe. It’s scary appearance is backed up by its keen predator skills. It not only is constantly feeding on other fish but can “wiggle” like a snake to new bodies of water. It has the ability to breath oxygen through it’s gills as long as they are moist. The Snakehead has been getting a lot of unwanted attention in the United States lately. Only Read more [...]

What’s Best Bait for Largemouth Bass?

Topic: I am going on a vacation with my wife to Florida here in a couple of weeks. We have to go there due to her job so I was hoping to get a lot of personal fishing time in. I've heard that the largemouth bass population is very good in Florida and I was wondering what are the best ways to catch them. I would like to catch a really big largemouth and maybe be able to mounted on my wall. Reply from Danny J: People are going to tell you a lot of different things as far as Baits but I personally Read more [...]