What’s Best Bait for Largemouth Bass?

Topic: I am going on a vacation with my wife to Florida here in a couple of weeks. We have to go there due to her job so I was hoping to get a lot of personal fishing time in. I’ve heard that the largemouth bass population is very good in Florida and I was wondering what are the best ways to catch them. I would like to catch a really big largemouth and maybe be able to mounted on my wall.


Reply from Danny J:
People are going to tell you a lot of different things as far as Baits but I personally think the crayfish is the best bait to use. I think that you need to go with what the fish would actually eat and natural habitat and seeing a lot of these funky lures just isn’t real. And I would personally say that their favorite thing to eat in the lakes what have to be crayfish.

There are a bunch of different ways that I fish with crayfish but the best one is using live crayfish on the hook. I understand that they do make a lot of fake crayfish looking lures but the real date cannot be beat. I do know that they use a lot of spinner baits in Florida and the bass absolutely love them because they kind of make a little wavelike structure in which the bass consents.

Reply from Ryan V:
The best Bait to use is hands-down going to be a frog. The frog is their favorite meal in the natural habitat and it is not crayfish like the guy above stated. The reason why spinner Baits do so well is because it’s replicating the sound of a frog swimming and that’s the same sound is what they make.

So go out and buy some lures that look like frogs and do a little research on the best looking ones and the best quality of ones. You also want to look into the variable of keeping weeds off of your hook because in Florida there are weeds everywhere and largemouth bass do a lot of their feeding in the weeds and it’s tough to keep them off the hook. I just got back from a trip from Florida and I did a lot of fishing down there and it’s a heck of a lot of fun and if you do the right research you’ll catch a lot of fish.

I would not be afraid to pay the local fishing guide either because they really know their stuff. And you have to figure if you’re spending all the money in the vacation you might as well pay a little bit more and go get some great fishing while you’re there. Me and my wife and family paid a fishing guide and it was a couple of hundred dollars but it was still totally worth it because we slammed the fish.

The snakehead is a very popular fish down there to even though it is an invasive species. You have to promise me that you will attempt to catch one of these because they fight so well and they are so fun to catch. You will find it odd to when you catch them that you have to kill them the matter what because they are so invasive to the area.

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