Massive Bull Shark Caught by Scientists Off Reef – Too Bad They Didn’t Measure It…

A couple of scientists have been fishing for sharks along the reefs of the Florida Keys. Not in search of trophy catches, but instead tagging sharks with tags to study them in their habitat. Their tags involve satellite tracking that lets them study where they are at all times.

After catching multiple sharks as in their usual routine, they caught this hog!

largest bull shark

After a couple of hours fighting this shark, they eventually get it up on their boat. It turns out to be the largest bull shark ever caught for mankind. There were two if the scientists on board and had a heck of a time getting this fish reeled in with the both of them helping.

As the fish laid in their special docking system setup to harm live sharks as little as possible… the men looked at the beast. Without technically measuring the fish they knew hands down it was a record. Why didn’t they just measure it? These scientists are here to tag fish and not go brag about their catches in the pub remember.

Footage shows this huge bull shark is around 10 feet long and estimated at around 1,000 pounds easily. Without even measuring the shark, you can see it is a new record catch. Funny thing about their whole journey through catching this… they ran out of tags to mark this trophy catch. So nether did they get to measure the fish, they didn’t get to tag it as their initial job of doing. It’s funny how things work out the way they so in these cases of catching record breaking fish.

What do you think of the Catch?

Reply from David H.
You want me to believe an estimated measurement!? Are you bloody out of your mind mate? I can’t even trust my wife to go grocery shopping without coming back with a new friend to replace me! Dissatisfied with this so called record catch. I understand they are scientists but don’t scientists carry tape measures to record stuff they find?

Reply from Jake G.
Highly agreed upon the estimated fish… we live around evidence and not what people are estimating upon. Even if it blows away the next leading competition. I’m wanting hard evidence with the record officials there watching everything they do.

Reply from Admin
These are scientists mate! They donated the shark back to the waters to just continue living its life. They are not blood thirsty fisherman like you or I. This needed to be shared because it is the largest bull shark ever caught in history. And just by looking at images of the second largest… It’s obvious this fish is much bigger. I had to run with this story.

Reply from Kenny S.
It’s a cool story considering the huge monster didn’t even allow them to tag the fish o track it. I like how you say “its funny how it works out when you catch huge fish.” That is so true. When I catch huge fish, I always somehow am out of season or have forgotten the camera. It’s enough to make a mate gone mad! Cool story here.

Reply from Sarah V.
I like the fact they let the fish go back into the ocean instead of keepin it to have it mounted on a wall. The largest creatures are always removed from the wild and its not right. You know they are scientists if they let this monster go back into the waters without measuring it or keeping it. Every other of man would have gone psychotic letting a trophy fish go back into the waters and not into their freezer to keep.

One thought on “Massive Bull Shark Caught by Scientists Off Reef – Too Bad They Didn’t Measure It…

  1. Drew

    I’ve personally seen show were scientists are measureing the sharks. They should have measured it. Just because they record data doesnt mean the cold blooded fisherman.


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