Biggest Largemouth Bass Ever Caught on Record – This Fish is a Monster!

Think your largemouth bass might be close to the biggest ever caught by man? Chances are slim because the world record is a hog of a bass.  This image speaks louder than words, so here is the beast fresh from Japan.

A man by the name of Manabu Kurita caught this beast on Lake Biwa of Japan. This fish is the newest world record holder coming in at 22lbs 5oz, 29 inches.

biggest largemouth bass

What’s funny about the fish coming from Japan’s Lake Biwa is that the largemouth bass is considered highly invasive and an annoyance to their ecosystem. They are literally trying to rid them of the lakes at any cause.

A lot like the carp fish found here in the United States originally from Asia. Anyhow.. this is the world record largemouth and.. it’s huge! I can’t get over this beast and I keep starring at the picture thinking to myself how dis that thing get so big?

What Do You Think?

Posted by Brent:
I caught a monster largemouth and that’s what lead me to this page. I thought maybe my new catch was a new record but man was I wrong.. Ha! Maybe I’ll look up my state record and see if I am close to that with my new trophy. I’m for sure going to mount this one but its nothin near this record holder. I’m even ashamed to say the size after reading this catch.

Posted by Nate:
Everyone has their “huge largemouth” story because these fish get super big and they make you feel like you have caught a record when really you haven’t. They are just big time fighters and they physically look big when they open their big mouth. Truth be told, the record like in this case blows away everyone’s trophy bass story. I myself mounted a largemouth that was a complete waste of money cause the fish isn’t near as large as what I thought it was versus what other people have caught.

Posted by Chris:
I don’t like how they have records from 1933. The record for largemouth before this was caught in 1933 … You gotta be kidding me. Did they even have accurate scales back then or what. I’m highly doubting some of these fish record holders from the 40s and 50s… This one was just caught and I’m believing this one with the beautiful images and all.

Posted by Kevin:
I like how happy Asians get in their fish photos! Us white guys make these looks like the fish are so heavy that we can barely life them.. But Asians make it look like they’re at the coolest party they have ever been to. This guy looks as happy as I would think someone would feel once catching the new works record fish. I would prolly crap my pants. I would always like to know more about the people that catch these fish though. Like, does this guy fish everyday or is this his first time out this year and etc.

Posted by Steve:
I’m a believer in the smallmouth bass tasting so much better as far as an eater fish. The other species seem to get a lot more of that sponge weed taste. Although.. I’ve had some good rock bass too. This record is unbelievable though. If I caught something like that.. I would celebrate for months and just know that “I” caught the record fish for that species. That’s good it’s invasive! Maybe that’s payback for the damn carp around here in the mid central United States. I have seen so many carp lately I could puke literally.

Posted by Shawn:
A bit off topic but on to that invasive carp thing**have any of you guys seen people shooting those silver carp off the back of boats with shotguns? They have videos on YouTube of people going on wake boards with swords and cutting the fish with sword swipes. I’m looking to get myself into that crazy encounter. I guess they’re saying these silver carp are getting so bad that there will be laws in the future of no wakes for boats. This is because a lady died from these silvers jumping out of the water and hitting her. They can be 80 pounds and above!

One thought on “Biggest Largemouth Bass Ever Caught on Record – This Fish is a Monster!

  1. Charlie Cummins

    They did have accurate scales back then in 1933. George took it over to the post office and they weighed it there so the story goes.


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