Where Can I Buy Pet Piranhas for Sale for my Home? How hard is a Setup

Question: I’ve always wanted to have pet piranhas since I was a little boy. It may sound dorky to a lot of you guys but I don’t care. I need to know where to buy piranhas that I can keep as pets in a fish aquarium. Can someone help me out on where I can purchase some and maybe some details regarding how to care for them. How hard is this to do for a total beginner of the aquarium industry? I am a bit timid about it..

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Reply from John Anthony: I Found this Helpful Article that Will Help!

Owning pet piranhas isn’t what you dreamed of. You have to admit that all of us men have had a dream at some point to own some killer fish like piranhas. When it comes to actually buckling down and getting serious… it’s not easy. This is a help guide on everything you need to know on setting up a piranha tank.

1. Buy A Huge Aquarium

Piranhas need to be in schools in order to survive in a healthy manner. Each fish at a piranhas full growth needs around 50 gallons each. So a school of piranhas is going to need around a 100 gallon aquarium. Buying a tank brand new could easily be around $500. Did they say this was going to be cheap? Nope.

2. Money Invested in Filtration

Not only is the fish aquarium pretty expensive but actually setting up the filter to keep it clean is also pretty expensive. A filter set up designed to keep a large aquarium cleaning you’re looking at a couple hundred dollars pretty easily. A lot of beginners don’t really think of this because you would think that you could just put water inside of an aquarium that would stay clean but that is entirely not the case because the fish are giving off waste at all times.

3.  Buying the Piranhas

Now that you have all of your set up ready for the fish aquarium now you actually have to go and buy the fish themselves. To buy a good quality breed of fish are going to look at maybe $40-$50 a fish roughly in less you can get a good deal locally through a hook up. If you times that by 4 to 6 fish are looking at another couple of hundreds of dollars.

4. The Upkeep

You have to remember that this article is pretty much aimed at all of the beginners trying to set up a prana tank. I am an experienced fish aquarium owner but is been in the industry for a decade now and I just want to make sure that you are ready to set up this fish tank. It just seems that I spent so much wasted time explaining everything to beginners and then they come to find out that all of their investment is way more than what they desire.

To what I tend to do is just write some articles that really help people get an idea of water they are getting involved in. Piranha fish are really cool and some of the most exotic creatures in the industry but still they are a lot of upkeep for beginners that are not ready for something like this.

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