Casting Tournament November 21st 2004 – Jersey Fish Club

Casting Tournament November 21st 2004

The first Jersey Open Competition was a resounding success, with 4 England entrants comprising
the cream of world casting travelling over for the competition. Unfortunatly, conditions did
not comply, with difficult winds and a semi waterlogged oche. A small number of spectators came to
watch the event despite the weather, and added well needed support for the local side.

However, a good time was had by all, and we thank Roger Mortimore, Gary Dickerson, Dennis Retter
and Steve Morris for their support. Roger helped out the club with some instruction and then the 
event got underway with some unbelivable 200g work by Gary and Roger. The lord only knows how 
these would have travelled under optimum conditions.

Steve "Quick Draw" Morris is unbelievably 'fast out' on the turn. I've never witnessed such speed !
He had trouble initially finding the court, but when that was resolved he turned it on with some 
nice casts.

Dennis as usual, played the nice guy, and cast with a rock steady performance that on the day
showed his vast experience. Some nice distances followed. He watched over the club casters all
day, and offered very useful advice that i know will help us in the months and years to come.

Best 2 Jersey casters where Keith White who tried very hard to stem the inevitable tide of the
English onslaught and Tom Philips who put in a workmanlike but solid performance. Kevin Nichols
produced UKSF qualifying distances on the day, which considering conditions was impressive.

Star of the day had to be Nittaya Cabot, a new lady caster of 6-7 weeks experience. Faced with
all the men on the field and some valuable instruction from Roger Mortimore (England A), she
broke the magic 100 yard barrier. The 100 is the first major milestone in casting, and i'm very
pleased with her achievement. In this short period it is outstanding, and is as good a cast at that
level as a bigger cast by more learned casters.

This was i hope the first of what we would like to see happen annually. Only time will tell whether
that will come to fruition. Lets hope so.

A final word and conclusion, is well done everyone. We went down fighting.
The SuperRoj Story.

On the Saturday evening, Roger Mortimore (SuperRoj) was telling us a story of how
he wore a superman cape at a recent casting event.

Here is another installment in the SuperRoj series.

SuperRoj in “Pre-Tournament” pose. The betting started at the jersey open with gary dickerson 1/2 on, Dennis Retter at 2/1, Steve Morris 3/1 and rank outsider SuperRoj at 33/1. Giggles where exchanged early on but Gary “Lex Luther” Dickerson had attached his secret weapon to his HST. 200 grams of pure kryptonite was more than SuperRoj could stand, and he stood helplessly by as it was delivered a massive 221 meters. A bucket and a box of kleenex was quickly dispatched to SuperRoj’s position as he smouldered in the background. The effects of the green rock had effected his casting, as moments later SuperRoj was seen winding his Tee Shirt into his reel. Perhaps he was squeezing out the tears ?. He quickly recovered and began the SuperRoj stare. Dickerson was unphased as he unleashed yet another big-un. SuperRoj began to crumble. He approached the oche and fired one out, only to be collecting his lead in disgrace. You have to dis-engage the reel mate. So Gary Dickerson, our hero !, and i’m £8.00 quid better off too. cheers gary.

Distances Recorded In Meters, UKSF qualifying distance is 190M (208 yards)

200 Grams

:: Gary Dickerson (England A) 221-0, Roger Mortimore (England A) 215-0, Dennis Retter (England) 191-0.

175 Grams

:: Roger Mortimore (England A) 223-0 and 206-0 (OTG), Gary Dickerson (England A) 220-0, Keith White 202-0
Richard Riby 153-0.

150 Grams

:: Roger Mortimore (England A) 219-0, Gary Dickerson (England A) 217-0, Keith White 215-0
Steve Morris (England) 208-0, Dennis Retter (England) 207-0, Tom Philips 190-0, Kevin White 175-0
Kevin Nichols 165-0, Richard Riby 151-0, Michael Rewell 124-0.

125 Grams

:: Gary Dickerson (England A) 228-0, Roger Mortimore (England A) 222-0, Steve Morris (England) 210-0
Keith White 207-0. Dennis Retter (England) 207-0, Tom Philips 202-0, Kevin Nichols 191-0, Kevin White 167-0
Richard Riby 153-0, Michael Rewell 124-0, Nittaya Cabot 93-0 (PB).

100 Grams

:: Gary Dickerson (England A) 223-0, Steve Morris (England) 207-0, Roger Mortimore (England A) 203-0
Tom Philips 190-0, Dennis Retter (England) 186-0, Kevin Nichols 176-0, Michael Rewell 121-0.

Records:: Allcomers

200g:: Gary Dickerson (England A) 221-0.

175g:: Roger Mortimore (England A) 223-0 and 206-0 (OTG).

150g:: Roger Mortimore (England A) 219-0.

125g:: Gary Dickerson (England A) 228-0.

100g:: Gary Dickerson (England A) 223-0.

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