Jersey Casting Club Gallery of Some Actions Occuring

Tournament Casting Gallery

A photo taken at UKSF GP4 august 2003 showing Keith White at his first
UKSF event, best cast on the day for him was 208 meters or 228 yards.

Graham Le Gresley prepares to cast after a crack off destroyed his spool. This shot shows the field as seen from the North East quarter.
The “Rod Stand” kindly constructed by Kevin Nichols of the Jersey
Casting Club. This fold away stand has been a saviour for the members.

The motley crew,left to right are Roy Meryrick, Graham Le Gresley, Kevin Nichols, Tom Phillips, Steven Garnier, Nicola White, Kevin White. I’m behind the camera 🙂

Tom Phillips trying too hard to break his PB, he’s getting
there though. Tom has put alot of time and effort into the club.

Kevin White, a very able caster and no 2 in the Jersey rankings list.
Kevin has helped to get the club running and his personal best was set at Weymouth Casting Club over in the UK on May 18th with 211 yards on a 125 gram lead.

Michael White (Junior Member), a beginning caster and has recorded some nice casts. Michael’s personal best is over 150 yards, but he has recorded casts over 160 yards in practice. Favorite rod is the Zziplex Phase Taper, and this coupled with a 125gram lead suits his style. Don’t worry about the wall and buildings to the right of shot, he is doing dog ball practice.

Some photo’s of us practicing down at Le Braye.
To quote the guy that took these, “Photo’s of lunatics casting leads
at the horizon”. We wish mate !!.

The merrymen on le braye,smiles abound as 3 of
them hit their PB’s.(left to right), Kevin White, Richard Riby, Steve Garnier and Nigel Romeril.

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