Jersey Fish Casting Club Rules – Tournament Word for Word Rules

1. TOURNAMENT CASTING – The sport of casting of weights with double handed rods as far as possible.

2. METHODS OF CASTING – All Tournament casting shall be executed with both hands. Methods recognised will be Full Tournament Pendulum, Fishing Pendulum, Ground Casts, Uni Tech Casts, Overhead Casts, or any new cast that is deemed SAFE. Please only attempt the pendulum casts if you are adept, in the wrong hands it can be very dangerous. Instruction may be available, please ask one of the organisers.

3. RODS – There shall be no restriction upon length or material.

4. GUIDES – There shall be not less than 3 guides plus tip ring on rods and the running line shall be threaded through each guide when casting.

5. REELS – Any reel may be used, as long as it possible to fish with that reel.

6. LINES & LEADER – They must be of general circular section and parallel throughout and be of basic monofilament construction. NO BRAID OR GELSPUN LINES!

6a. RUNNING LINE – Must be (high visibility/fluorescent, local ruling) and to be minimum of 0.35mm for 175gr, 0.31mm for 150gr and 0.28mm for 125gr and 100gr. 0.25mm running line will be allowed in the case of 50grm and 75grm weights along with the use of a minimum 0.65mm shock leader. 200-gram weights may be cast, but they will not count for championship points.

6b. CASTING LEADER – To be high visibility/fluorescent and minimum 60lb for 150gr and 175gr and minimum 50lb for 125gr and 100gr, with at least 8 complete turns on the reel when ready to cast. A shock leader of at least 0.65 or 50lb will be required for 50grm and 75grm weights. 80lb is the minimum for 200-gram sinkers.

7. CASTING WEIGHTS – To be fixed to leader via a split oval. Only DCA beach bomb weights will be allowed. A cast will be declared void unless these conditions are adhered to. 200g plain, 175g yellow, 150g white, 125g blue, 100g green, 75g red, 50g pink.

8. CASTING COURT – A 30 degree ‘V’ shaped court extended as necessary and if possible. The metric radial system of court measuring will be used in the case of records and in cases where the use of sidelines is not practical or possible..

9. CASTING – Casting shall be from directly behind a board (oche) set at 90 degrees to the centre line of the court. No competitor may pass this board whilst in the action of casting or until his lead has landed. In the case of dangerous footing on the oche, you may be allowed to stand to one side or the other as deemed fit by the organiser. The line must remain unbroken after the cast has been made until the weight has come to rest.

10a. – In making a cast it shall not be permitted to use a power stroke of more than 360 degrees or any cast that in the opinion of the officials or competitors is deemed dangerous.

10b. – Casts shall be recorded on a chart at the end of the casting lane (where line and leads will be checked before casting) Crack offs will be marked down and must then be retrieved and reported back to a judge.

11. JUDGING – Casting court judges may check the diameter of running line and leader and that there are sufficient turns of leader on the spool. After first round of casting random checks will be made. You must designate your sinker weight before you cast.

12. RECORDS – In the case of records being broken the running line shall be measured to ensure that it is exceeding the minimum diameter for that weight category. Club records may be set outside of a tournament only if ratified by an official, or a sea angler casting instructor. Jersey records may only be set at a tournament, and will stand as official Jersey Records. Jersey records must be set on Jersey soil. Casts made at UK or foreign events will only count as club records. However British or World records set by members would of course be allowed. A visitor may set an all comers record, but it would not stand as a club record unless that person was a member before that cast was made.

13. MEMBERSHIP –  £25 per year adult, £35 family, and members are encouraged to promote the sport of tournament casting and long-range fishing. Visitors may attend a maximum 3 times before deciding whether he or she would like to join. Membership will be annually renewable and is subject to change.

14. ENTRIES – All entries to be received within 15 minutes of the tournament start time. This will be strictly adhered to.

15. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry, if you or your equipment is deemed unsafe. Tackle may be available to borrow if needed.

16. It is a rule of entry to a tournament that anyone experiencing a crack-off shall endeavour to retrieve the lead and line. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. At the end of the days casting, if there are any unaccounted for crack-offs all competitors will line up across the field and walk down to look for them.

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