Jersey Fish Long Casting Tournament Current Members List

“” Current Members List.

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Keith White, Club President & Secretary, Sea Angler Casting Instructor, tel 07797 724181
Kevin White, Club Official
Michael White, Club Member, Junior
Kerryanne White, Junior Ladies Member Aged 14
Tom Phillips, Club Deputy Official, Club Member
Richard Riby, Club Member (The Joker)
Graham Le Gresley, Club Member (Known as Griz)
Peter Cabot, Club Member
Nittaya Cabot, Club Member
Roy Meyrick, Club Member
Kevin Nichols, Club Member
Michael Rewell, Club Member
Nicola White, Non Caster, Measuring Official Luke White, Junior Club Member
Kimberley White, Junior Club Member

Hi, i’m Keith White and Englishman removed to Jersey, Channel Islands.
No we are not all rich !!. Mad keen fisherman and caster, been fishing since the age of 4.
Started coarse fishing first, then trout when i could afford it. Main goal in life was to fish the World and European Freshwater Championships.
Achieved this in 96 fishing for team Channel Islands, did well (even better).
Moved on to salwater flyfishing for a new challenge, Bass to 14lb, Mullet over 10lb the list goes on. Been casting of a sorts for years, but only since late 2002 did i attempt to get good.
Not there yet but getting better. Best UK distance weymouth may 2003 243yards 1 foot.
Best Jersey distance is 282 yards which is the club record. This was on a 125 gram lead.

Hi, i’m Kevin White. Been tournament casting almost a full 2 years now
although i’ve casting for many more years than that. My early personal bests in competitions
were all set across the channel in Weymouth. Don’t know why that is, but hey, i’m
not complaining. I took a break mid 2004, but returned later in the year and a fresh start
saw me hit a new PB of 219 yards with 150g on my Syncro
I use a Zziplex primo standard for the 125 and sometimes 150gram sinkers, and a Zziplex Syncro for the 150g and 175 gram weights. Coupled with Mike Benfields sideplate conversions, i use the abu 6500 and abu 5500 ct’s along with abu ultramag II’s.

best 125g 213 yards set in Jersey nov 2003
best 150g 219 yards set in Jersey dec 2004
best 175g 186 yards set in weymouth oct 2003

My dad keith is teaching me to cast and so far i have had 2 1/2 hours practice.
Started out as a raw beginner, never having cast at all before, even with a fixed spool.
I am using an old Century Rod Low Reel with a 7HT and im practising
with 0.40mm line and a dog ball. This is very easy to learn with and i am
doing off the ground casting at the moment. So far i have only managed about 60 yards
but my dad says i am improving all the time so i’m gonna kick some butt later!.
I would like to hear from any other women or girls that cast.

Richard Riby’s Profile. Came to Jersey in march 1985 to work the season and ended up staying like most of us do. I’m a very keen angler when i have the time. I always go back to Yorkshire every jan or feb to fish for the cod, not always very succesful cause as you you know things are getting very fished out. I’ve been involved with the Jersey Casting Club for about 7 weeks now and i’ve probably learned more in that time than in the last 25 years. Having brothers Keith & Kevin White on hand is great for all the club members as the knowlegde and expertise is there for us all.

When i first joined the club i don’t think i was even casting 100 yards,
and in such a short time i was averaging 170-180 yards every cast with my PB now standing at 200 yards on a 150 gram sinker.
My thanks go out to these guys as this is their doing.
Tight Lines Everyone
Richard Riby.(The Joker)

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