In Search: Snakehead Fish For Sale? Where to Buy

Topic: I have a large fish aquarium and am looking for Snakehead Fish for sale. Maybe the laws don’t approve of this either.. I’m not sure what regulations are but I want to buy a snakehead fish for my aquarium. I’ve done my research and this fish is awesome. It’s a pure predator and feeding it in my tank is what I want. I need to find them for sale. Someone help me out.

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Posted by Nathan P.
You won’t find any supplier selling the Snakehead fish because it’s against the law in the United States. This fish is invasive to the habitat and the government is trying to get rid of them. If you absolutely need one your best bet would be to catch one. Some states have different laws regarding “wild fish” being out into aquariums so search them up. I so know the Snakehead is found all over the state of Florida and migrating north at a rapid pace.

Posted by Christine K.
I can understand how this fish would seem cool to have an aquarium there very closely related species that would probably be a lot cooler. The somewhat have to hate this species just because it is invasive than they are so many of them and you think if you were to put something cool and aquarium you would want it somewhat rare. It’s somewhat comparable to keeping a carp or a koi fish… There’s just so many of them even if it’s at a different section of the world but it’s just there’s their not rare and they’re just not that exotic.

Posted by Benjamin M.
I wanted to snake had for quite a while and then I did some research on how hard it was going to be a keep up with feeding it. I think if he do some further research and noticed that the snake head that is local and the United States actually doesn’t even grow that large and it just basically puts out a large mass of feces at the rate at it feeds that. What I’m saying here is that you just basically feed it a lot and it just poops a lot and rinse and repeat and you have yourself a lot of wasted time. There are much cooler fish out there!

Posted by Jason T.
I respect the fact that you want one of these but you have to know that you’re talking about huge aquarium because these things get pretty big and they need a lot of space to hide and I would say hundred and 120 gallon at the bare minimum. some of these fish get a little bit over 3 feet long that is the monster snakehead. I’m guessing you don’t have a room for one of these because if he did it would have to consume its entire own aquarium.

Posted by David R.
I have a friend that used to have a snakehead in his basement and it was tough to keep up with feeding it. It would just devour feeder fish like they were nothing. He got it for his son as a pet and the kids were in charge of trying to find things to feed it. They were finding frogs and small mice and just basically anything that paid figured it would eat and it ain’t never single one of those. Eventually the idea pretty much died and they just couldn’t keep up feeding anymore and I think they have rid of it.

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