Biggest Stingray on Record? Thailand Monster

It’s another late Tuesday night and I can’t stop thinking about big fish. I’ve been on this obsession with freshwater stingrays lately. I mean… how big do this things grow? It is said that they are most likely the largest of the freshwater habitat but we have just failed to catch them.

Here is an image of a monster ray we found which involves 7 people holding it.

biggest stingray record

Actually, national geographic and their team claim to hold the largest record, but this image speaks very loud to me. I swear this one is larger that went “not measured.” National Geo’s ray measures out at 6.6 feet wide and 6.9 feet long. Their fishermen caught the beast while doing their “Megafishes-Project.” It was caught in Thailand and its amazing they had such a cool setup to host the fish in while they take images and measurements. Their Megafishes project is held to research the top 20 freshwater fish ever. That seems like something I need to check out! Wonder if there is a show or season coming up or what that actually is.

How Much Does the Stingray Weigh?

Because they had no way to weigh this monster, they pretty much had to estimate. The scientific estimation came in at 550-990 pounds. He stats, “Honestly, we just don’t know how much it weighed.” Holy crap do I like the sounds of that statement haha. You know something is big when a scientist just says.. hey man.. we can’t weigh this beast of a fish.

What Does this Mean for Fisherman?

Nothing. I want fishermen to leave these things alone. They just do their sweet thing in the water bottoms and help clean up the water ways. I’m a fishermen enthusiast but there just comes a time to leave some of these monsters alone. If we all go crazy over catching these… there won’t be any left. These scientist guys already talk of a shortage of them so LEAVE THEM ALONE. Haha!

Share Your Thoughts?

Post from Tony E:
I guess my only question is if there are any freshwater stingrays in the United States or is this only something that occurs in the country of Thailand? Maybe it’s a stupid question but I literally have no idea so I just think it be cool if you shared a little bit about that.

Reply from Admin:
I do know that there are freshwater stingrays in United States but I know that you cannot keep them in an aquarium because I tried to do that when I was a teenager. They are pretty strict laws on keeping those things in aquariums because I thought it would be the coolest thing ever to have one in my fish aquarium. And the main reasoning for it is because they are endangered and a lot of them will claim that they get 14 feet long. But maybe somebody else can chime in and help us answer that question.

Post from Rick D:
huge rayP.S.. this one I found looks bigger! (sarcasm) I’m trying to figure out how they planned all of that of setting up the equipment to have a pool for the stingray to just Lay in. Maybe they sat there and hosted the stingray In the lake until they set up the pool so that they could take study on it who knows? I would also like to know if that is a television series right now because usually if National Geographic is doing something like this they make a television series.

Reply from Sarah E:
I think you’re thinking of the TV channel animal planet. National Geographic will also do a lot of research past their television series. If you think about it they have all of their magazines that are very resourceful to like biologists and scientists and they are always conducting research. So when you going to say that just because they’re researching this that they’re making a television series that’s kind of not true.

Reply from Admin:
Yeah you’re probably right on that one but I guess if they are making a television series we have a reason to get excited. I’m getting kind of sick of the show river monsters because it’s just too much of the same thing and I get so sick of the stories that are made up around and about this stuff. And by that I mean when he goes and talks to the locals about this stuff they just exaggerated way too much and I just bugs me out.

Post from Pete J:
I think it would be super cool to touch a stingray in person because it’s nothing that I have ever done before but I bet they feel really cool. I’m also wondering what this actual stingray feeds on forward to maincourse or meal? Do stingrays usually just eat already dead things or do they also eat alive things? I guess that, I have no idea? Would be cool to watch this beast go feast on its meal.

Reply from Gary J:
If you do a little research you’ll come to find out that stingrays eat live food and it will actually attack it. When you take a look at their mouth it doesn’t look too harmful but it actually sticks out and protrudes outside of their body and they have very flat like teeth that do a lot of damage. They will eat a lot of crustaceans and fish and if you think about encrustation you have to figure how much protein each one of them has so if it is no wonder why they grow so large.

Reply from Eric R:
Yeah I guess stingrays are actually pretty crazy predators and will attack pretty fast because they have the ability to swim faster than pretty much any other fish in the water. Think about how much power and strength you have with all of that body and the flat style that they have. I’m no scientist but you can see how well that they move around and disappear when they want to.

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