The Largest Sturgeon Caught by Man

There are numerous stories involving the largest sturgeon caught by a man. Actually weighing these fish is difficult when fishing guides have a strong passion to catch and release the fish back into the water as fast as possible.

Some questions arise though.. and we have gotten a lot of comments on the different variables when catching fish like this.. How do you weigh a fish that is sitting in the water like this?

This image includes the fishing angler with his wife and their fishing guide.

largest sturgeon

This estimated 1,100 pound sturgeon is guessed to be around 100 years of age. This guided group of anglers caught 3 huge sturgeon all in the same day. The atmosphere scenario and fishing spot must have just been prime! This and just a slim amount of other stories are considered to be the largest of sturgeon fish caught in North America and worldwide.

Most of the largest freshwater fish that are caught come out of southern areas of North America where it is constantly warm. It’s somewhat new to see such a large fish come from the colder areas of the world like Canada in this case. The White Sturgeon must not be reflected by cold temperatures when it comes to growth and size. Most fish only grow so much in colder scenarios like northern Canada.

giant white sturgeon

Cool Facts on Sturgeons

Most people do not know that the sturgeon is the oldest living fish of all species. It has been on the years here longer amount of times and any other species of fish and that’s a pretty cool thing to think about. There actually becoming endangered throughout North America because they’re losing a lot of their habitat. Is mainly includes the areas in which they need to spawn in. These areas are found really close and near two dams.

Most people believe that sturgeons only eat plants but that is false. They will commonly feed on smaller organisms and plant like algaes and such. Things like small crayfish types of worms and so forth. They are actually getting a lot more protein than what you would think in that might be the reason in which they cross so large.

It has been noted to the public that humans have openly seen Sturgeon jumping clear out of the water. It is unknown why they are doing this but scientists can only lead to a couple of reasons why. The first reason is the thought of them maybe changing waterholes or jumping over layer in a dam. The second reason could have to do with the sturgeon actually being sick with some sort of bug or parasite.

Sturgeon’s are mainly found in river body forms of water. Their life expectancy is anywhere from 50 – 100 years of age. in my opinion you can think of that has almost at prehistoric type animal to live 100 years almost like a turtle. When doing some extensive research you will quickly find that these animals are really cool and very unique to learn about. What I didn’t find that made much sense was the fact that the average weight that I could find on a sturgeon is anywhere from 10 pounds. But yet if I look up the world record or any state record it’s going to be a lot larger than that to say the least.

Has There Been a Sturgeon Attack?

What’s somewhat funny about the fact of humans getting attacked by sturgeons is that they actually jumped out of the water and only hurt us by hitting humans. Almost every case we found involved a small Motorcraft that created a reason for the fish to jump out of the water and then in fact hit the human and injured them. So the idea behind actually getting attacked by a fish and the water is not the same as what is happening. These very large Sturgeon fish are jumping out of the water for specific reasons and actually hitting the body and breaking bones and more.

I’m not sure you can even call these fish attacks just for the reason that the fish are not attacking us on purpose. They are sensing something wrong within their environment and clearly jumping out of the water and just having enough lock to hit the body of a human. We never hear about the cases where actually the fish missed the human but hear about the ones for there getting hurt.

We cannot find any cases where a sturgeon actually opens its mouth to try to eat a human limb or body part. If you know of any stories of this please leave us a comment below because we are still looking for that. So as of right now we do not have any case studies to prove or any stories to go off of. This means that the warning level of a sturgeon attacking us is pretty much zero.

Community Responses:

Reply from Rachelle V.
sturegon ice fishingFor some on reason this Sturgeon fish just really creeps me out it’s almost like a prehistoric dinosaur fish somewhat. To think that these things live in freshwater lakes and rivers just really creeps me out and I was already creeped out before read this. I just have one question though are Sturgeon fish more likely to be found in rivers than in Lakes? Because come summertime I like to go swimming in my local freshwater lakes and I’m just wondering if the chances of sturgeon being in them is really small.

Reply from Moderator
Yes Sturgeon fish are mainly found in rivers and it would be very unlikely to find a large sturgeon in a small lake. More than likely, the lake your swimming in has very limited amounts of sturgeon and not “huge” ones for sure. No need to worry in small lakes. Your largest fear in a small lake would be large snapping turtles

Reply from Jason M.
People are always worrying about being attacked by these fish but more or less they are always more afraid of us then we are of them. We are the ones out there catching them and killing them and in this case a sturgeon doesn’t even have anything to do with carnivore like foods. They are completely harmless to humans so it’s kind of stupid to even worry about.

So it’s pretty much safe to say that there has never been a sturgeon attack on a human where it isn’t jumping out of the water. This is a lot like that carp fish that jumps out of the water that is moving forward in the United States I believe it’s called the silver carp. Basically there is something wrong in the locker when the motorized Motorcraft is near it and the fish feels the need to jump on the water.

Reply from Pete V.
He kind of have to give her a break so because she is a girl and they fear a lot of that stuff. Girls don’t even like touching seaweed on their feet. I tjink its funny how afraid they get of swimming in lakes and freshwater. Because like you said a lot of the fish are completely harmless to humans. When I was fishing oscars for my aquarium I saw a monster sturgeon!

Reply from Mason K.
Even the fish you have to worry about like Muskie and such that are big time carnivore feeders you never hear of attacks on humans. Like the mod said though, snapper turtles are the real fear in small freshwater scenarios. Step on one of those shells and you might loose your ankle more or less. If you have the fear of this stuff.. just never leave your home and lock yourself in your closet haha. You need to move past the fears to live a normal life.

Reply from Nick V.
I have never caught a sturgeon and I was wondering what the fish is like. I gotta know what kind of setup you catch a 1,100 lb sturgeon on too as far as rod and reel and line. There is no way you could be fishing for walleye and bein that thing to the surface.. Make you wonder how many snags might of been 1000 lb sturgeon laying on the bottom.

Reply from Eddie P.
You would have to think they were fishing for sturgeon and had a setup ready to catch a thousand pound fish or else it wouldn’t happen. You don’t just bring up a fish that size on 12 lb test fishing line. I’m to the point where in thinking about fishing these out of the Minnesota river or else the Mississippi River.. I live near both of them.

Reply from Chad F.
The Minnesota river is stacked with sturgeon. I think the record for that state sturgeon in MN is from that river. I used to live around South Dakota and I would always hear about sturgeon coming out of that river. It seems that is pretty close to Canada where this was caught. It’s cool to see such a large fish come from the northern side of North America instead of the southern side. Cold water must not effect sturgeon..

2 thoughts on “The Largest Sturgeon Caught by Man

  1. Stephanie

    Im actually very curious about sturgeon. I lived in detroit and my father has caught a few good sized sturgeon in his life time in the detroit river and other various lakes in Michigan. I grew up in an anglers and hunters house hold, but dont what to hurt these animals. Where else could i study, “catch and release”, or know more about the breeding, migrations, or bate i could use to catch one of these magnificent creatures?

    1. Donna

      I live near Lake Winnebago in Northeast Wisconsin where we have a short sturgeon fishing season every February. The fishermen cut a large 4-5 foot by 3 foot hole in the ice with a chainsaw, then set a small ‘shack’ over the top of the hole. They set a small chair or bucket in there (and, yes! A small heater, after all, it can be 20* below zero out there in Feb!) and they sit and watch the hole for the entire season. If they are lucky & a sturgeon swims through, they have a large spear which looks much like a farmer’s pitchfork hanging on the wall, and they throw the spear at the sturgeon, hoping to hit it. Once they raise it out of the water, they slam a trap door shut over the hole so that neither they nor their fish end up in the water. A few have wrangled their way loose from the spear, maybe to survive, maybe not. You rarely see a dead one floating in the lake or washed up on shore. The DNR regulates this fishing season very carefully so as to keep our rare sturgeon in stock for the future. As soon as so many hundred are registered on shore, particularly adult females, the season is closed for the year. Sometimes it lasts 2 days, other years, when the water is not as clear due to heavy algae content in the water, the season can last the entire month of February. But no more than about 5 or 6 hundred fish are legally taken from Lake Winnebago each year.
      One really cool thing to see is the sturgeon spawning in the spring. We can drive about an hour away to a small riverbed where they are known to be each year. Cars full of people come & go all day stopping to see this incredible phenomenon. The sturgeon are so thick in the shallow water you’d swear you could walk over the river on their backs. They splash in the water as they bang their bodies against the rocks next to the shore, making lots of new baby sturgeons. Oh yes, and their is also a size limit to catching a sturgeon here. I think it’s approximately 36 inches or bigger. The experienced fishermen can tell when it’s too small of a fish. They then let that one get away to go grow for another year. Hope this helps your awareness of the great sturgeon fish!


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