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Tournament Casting In The Channel Islands


Last Updated January 29th 2005
Updated Often, check back for more……. thats a promise.

Hello, welcome to our site, which started in april 2003.
I hope you find the information provided here useful.

Whilst not casting related, some of you might like to see what else we get up to whilst we are not casting. A saltwater fly-fishing link based here in the channel islands please take a look at this…
Saltwater Flyfishing (Sister Site)

The febuary tournament took place on January 29th. This is due to the immenent loss
of our main field due to annual planting. The January tournament raised £55.00 for the 
Asian disaster fund.

The handicaps all came into effect for the 125g and 150g sinkers and this seems to be
working. The handicaps are to be reviewed every 3 events.

Tom Phillips threw a 200g 230 yards in practice and is now regular 250 on the field
with the mid weights 125g and 150g.

Graham Le Gresley has had a new lease of life chucking 220-230's.

The club has decided to adopt 18g and 7.5g plug casting for the summer months and
also fly casting distance and accuracy games.

Fly Casting Games.
Plug Casting Games.

2 new area's for these events have been found. Grainville playing fields and a field in
the bowl of grouville. Others are still pending.

Older news:

The Annual Tournament season came to its conclusion sunday 12th december 2004
and the results are  ...

Keith White       160 
Tom Phillips      140 
Graham Le Gresley 119

Ladies winner was Nittaya Cabot with 30 points,who also finished
a respectable 8th overall in the main category.

Junior winner was Luke White on 22 points.

Thats it for now. 
More later.

Come along and give it a go.

You get 3 free visits before deciding whether the club is for you.

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Established in 2003 the club was formed to promote casting within the island and has adopted the rules as laid down by the UKSF.!

See the results from our events under the new adopted rules Results Page

Contact me by sending email to Keith White !

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