World Record Northern Pike Caught by Man

The World Record for catching the largest Norther Pike goes to a man out of West Germany named Lothar. The fish weighed in at 55lb. 1oz. The fish was caught in October of 1986. If your anything like me.. you need good pictures to prove that this fish exists. I personally hate old images from “1986″ like the world record fish claims. I personally don’t believe it after finding some of the images like the one above.

biggest pike

You Be the Judge?..

record northern pikeTo the right is the image of the world record pike that was caught in West Germany in 1986. I’m hoping some of you side with me on the idea of this “not being a record” anymore. Anyone have some images that may be “world record pike” material? I’m having a hard time understanding that a black and white image from ’86 is our world record holder.

 Information Regarding Pike

These fish have a huge mouthful of point the small teeth better designed to shred apart other fish. These guys are nonstop predators always on the prowl and will even feed based on territorial tendencies. Is commonly found to see you a northern pike striking to kill fish and absolutely leave it there to die. Is mainly due to territorial or breeding issues that are revolving the matter.

The Pike can easily eat or feed on four or five times the amount actually only needs to stay healthy. Due to its fast speeds and very aggressive hunting ability, it makes for a dangerous predator. It is commonly found worldwide and is a very poor fish to eat for humans. The bodies are filled with small bones that get in the way of essential meet and make it hard to clean the fish fillets. The meat on this fish is actually very delectable but getting around it and getting the bones out of that is a very difficult task.

Another scary aspect to think about what these fish is they are such aggressive predators that they will actually feed on their own species. Most fish will not do this but the pike will. If there is a top fear to be scared of in a freshwater habitat the pike or musky fish is probably at the top of the list for aggression. There are lots of reports involving these fish attacking humans and they can do a lot of damage but actually bringing you to a death is pretty uncommon. They just don’t have the power and hunting ability to sit there and with the part of your flesh fast enough to make it effective to death.

They are very easy to catch do to the fact that they hunt and eat basically anything that moves. If they can fit it in their mouth and it is a meaty substance that will cure there carnivorous hunger… it gets eaten. Springtime is actually the best time to fish for these because of their aggression due to breeding and nesting. If any bait or other fish get too close to their nesting grounds I will absolutely strike with no remorse.

Got Something to Say?

Reply from Jeff U.
How about this Pike here.. I can’t get passed this fish not being some sort of huge record that shuts down that 55lb world record. There is no way that image from 1985 is a record. I mean what the heck! We are in new age of technology gadgets.. they need to rinse that out of the records book and do some research just based on pictures.

This fish is a freaking hog and if you can’t see that.. then you cant see straight! I think this one is the record holder. Click the image to get the full resolution of this bad boy. This freaking fish looks like an alligator to me.

Reply from Patrick L.
I got one that will rival that one even. I came across this image a while back on a forum. Every time I go to look at the image.. it always seems to amaze me. If you look at the length of this gator ITS HUGE. What sucks with these fish is the fact that most anglers don’t get the chance to measure them because they want to get them back in the water to stay alive. Who has the equipment to measure a fish this long anyways! This is my image. having some issues uploading it here but I’m sure the moderator will make it look all nice for me :D

Reply from Ricky E.
I don’t know if I agree with fishing world records what so ever. How does a a guy prove that he actually had this fish market at the dimensions he claims? I’m sure as heck not going to trust his cousins Joey either. I wonder if these are going off from what witnesses have said or if they have to have a record specialist to somewhat claim they say what happened did actually happen. Sorry to wreck everyone’s hopes but I’m just too much of a skeptic to believe what someone just says about big fish.

Reply from Sarah Z.
I have seen images of people catching northern and all of a sudden.. an alligator like figure floats up to attack the fish they were catching. These huge northerns are sometimes referred to as gators have heard before. I fish with my husband a lot and we haven’t caught any northern over 20 pounds yet but were gonna keep at it strong.

Most fishermen actually hate these fish because they’re so easy to catch but annoying to take off their hook. And because they have so many teeth they will commonly just rip your line right off and you’re sitting there with nothing at the end of your line. A good way that you know you have a northern pike on the end of your line is you can feel the fish actually shake its head back-and-forth and you can feel it at the end of your rod.

Really wish these fish were a lot easier to clean around the bones because they do actually taste very well. I grandfather taught me how to clean these fish toys and cut around the bones and eat the meat but it does take more time. I live in Canada so we are considering these fish garbage but for the long winters you can freeze them and save a lot of money by eating them. Up here in my neck of the woods in Canada it’s very common to catch these fish over 20 pounds and their fun catch.

Most fishermen accidentally catch these fish while trying to catch walleyes appear in Canada. A lot of times what happens is when a fisherman catches a small Walli in the reeling it up on Northern will sense that the fishes in trouble or dying as you reel it in…  and here comes a huge in northern looking to feed on that smaller walleye that is in distress. Although we do get some fishermen that are strictly out here to catch only Muskie and northern pike and they do very well because I know how to fish for them.

Reply from Mod
I agree about the gators floating up to attack what were catching. I’ve heard that northerns can sense fear and when your pulling up a fish it is putting out fear and distress and that alerts the huge northerns to strike and kill for their next meal. It’s cool to see a lady around here for a change! Great share Sarah.

Reply from Jason M.
Don’t they say its one trophy northern or Muskie every 10,000 casts or so.? I’ve heard that. If you so the math on how long it takes you to do that many casts.. It’s a super long time (did the math at deer camp once over 30 beers haha). The largest pike I have caught was a touch over 20 lbs and I wanted to keep it but it was not open for season yet. Sometimes I think if I would of broken the law to keep a trophy for me it may have made me feel better about it.

I can tell you right now that I would rather catch no fish then catch a northern at the end of my line. When you catch one of these on your fishing hooker Luer it’s almost like the scent stays on the hook and fish absolutely hate the smell of these as they eat everything. So I can honestly tell you I would rather not catch anything then catching northern pike.

Reply from Mod
I disagree with you on keeping the fish out of season. You did the right thing by letting it go and that may have been the reason you even caught the fish. When they are out of season like that, chances are they are breeding and such. I bet that’s why you caught the fish. Maybe your lure went through its nesting area sort of say. Proud of you for not keeping it bro! I haven’t even caught one that large so be happy with even that size. These records are like out of control crazy. Comparing fish to them is just kind of stupid.

Reply from Brent H.
The record is set at 55 lbs but yet in some of these newer pictures … the guys are having problems holding up the fish. Most guys I know can hold up 55 lbs I know. I’m trying to find logic behind this? I think the record from 30 years ago is a bit bogus if you ask me

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