World Record Walleye Biggest Ever Caught?

The Walleye is a popular choice by sportsmen fishermen. The Walleye gets to be a large fish while still tasting delicious to eat. The ever so famous 30″ inch monster with the small white tip on it’s tail. We all know a 30 inch walleye is a good size walleye and would be considered a trophy for most of us. How much bigger do walleyes get over 30 inches though?

The biggest or largest walleye ever caught was a length of 34 inches and caught out of Manitoba, Canada. **EDIT DUE TO NEW INFORMATION. The largest walleye ever caught has come out of the Columbia River near Washington State.

biggest walleyeFor the record, the fish was officially registered at 19.3 pounds, with a length of 35 inches and an impressive girth of 23 inches. Name: Mike Hepper  |  State: Richland, Washington.

He was fishing in around 30 feet of water and the monster hit a “crawler harness.” This guy fishes that area around 200 days a year for walleye. If he isn’t serious about catching a big walleye.. then I don’t know who is! Doing the time on the lake is the toughest part for most of us but it paid off for this guy.

Some say Minnesota is the walleye fishing capital of the world but… I think Canada wins my vote instead. After reading hours into this “world record walleye” topic, I’ve concluded that almost all of the runner up records or close to record fish were caught in Canada. Where he was actually fishing is almost in Canada itself and pushes near the border or the U.S.

With all of the different classes of fishing records now, it’s almost impossible to just state “biggest fish” record. They have classes for just ice fishing and all this other bogus stuff. We’re all simple people who would like to stick to one record for each fish.. Biggest fish! I could see a weight versus length point system.. But getting all precise is just hurting the system as a whole in my opinion.

“Hey Dad, I caught the world record walleye in the drinking beer and fell asleep class!” …..

I don’t know how you guys feel about these record classes and sections but it makes me want to hurt someone because I can’t even figure them out! I drive a pickup truck and like to fish.. I don’t program computers and write rocket science to depict world records. Alright.. My rant is over.

Open Comments Anyone?

Posted by Jim:
So the record fish is just 34 inches long and no other information on weight or girth or what? I tried researching this more in depth but its like pulling teeth trying to find the details of this fish. If you look at his certificate for winning the record and becoming a holder it just says “length” record holder. Maybe there is two different records for length and another for weight. How many records are there for walleyes though! Now you got me pondering this one.

Posted by Sam:
I’ve caught four walleyes over 30 inches long and I was expecting to see the record a lot bigger than 34 inches to be honest with you. You hear rumors of the thirty six inch beast but maybe that’s just a lingering rumor. I feel like I could catch one at the record length and that motivates me now. It is in fact I’m Canada and we usually fly in or else we would waste hours driving in through the crappy dirt roads.

Posted by Kenny:
A lot of people talk smack about catching trophies. I just admit I have been walleye fishing for 20 years and haven’t caught one at that special thirty mark even. I did get one that was 29 inches long but that is still not that thirty. These fish take a certain gene to get that big I think. I fish in South Dakota and I’m sure my spot comes right to some of your guy’s mind because it is a new hot spot on the map. The flooding here have caused some crazy size fish that are always hungry and looking to feed. Purple jig heads all the way.

Posted by Jason:
Purple jig heads? My magic color has always been orange and that’s the color in sticking to. I think the trophies hang out on the outskirts of the fish schools and if you find that outside thresh hold, that’s where they hangout and watch over all the smaller ones. Every monster trophy that I have seen was caught in the middle of the night too. The ole’ 2 am or 3 am when everyone else is sleeping.

Posted by Grant:
I caught my 31 inch through the ice and had to use a big hook on a stick just to get a better grip on him to bring him through the ice. When I look back on catching that hog of a trophy, it makes me so happy I actually did everything right. I have a tendency to screw things up when I have a trophy on the line. It’s not everyday you catch a wall mounter and you have to have your cards in line for when that trophy does strike. I’ve not been ready multiple times.

Posted by Tim:
I was expecting the record to be a lot larger than that. It seems like maybe the body would allow for a lot more growth. I’m not a specialist in Marine or water inhabitants but the walleye seems pretty adaptable as far as the way it grows. Some are short and stalky with more weight while others are long and skinny pushin that length our there.

Posted by Nate:
Some of these records go back to the 1950s for heavens sake.. How can they have a record that goes back that far. If you get into the actual world record database, you will find the phrase “questionable” by some of the records..! How can your world record fish be in the database but be questionable? I’m calling bull crap on some of these records they don’t have proof on. They should start having video evidence of these records.

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  1. rick sutherland

    That record has just been broken as of Feb 28, 2014. New fish is 20.2 and was caught out of the Columbia river.


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